Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Primo Ceramic Grill

Well, anyone who has read my earlier blogs knows that I got a Holland Grill in late October. I have cooked for family and friends a few times since then and sometimes when cooking for holiday events, there just is not enough room on one grill. I started doing some research on how I could get the most versatility out of another grill. I finally decided the best grill to buy was a ceramic cooker. There are a few brands out there, but the one I got is a Primo. Ceramic grills retain heat better than any other on the market, when opening the grill is required, the recovery time to get the inside back up to temperature is very short. One firebox filled with Lump Charcoal can cook something "low and slow", like brisket and pork shoulder, for about 36-40 hours without adding any charcoal and keep a consistent temperature within 10 degrees F. The grill requires Lump Charcoal to be used, it burns hotter and lasts longer than briquettes with producing very little ash. Natural Lump charcoal has no binders or fillers, it is 100% natural hardwood. Here is a picture of the grill.

The temperature of the grill is set by adjusting the bottom vent to restrict the amount of oxygen to feed the fire. The top vent also plays a part in the temperature control, but has little effect because more air can not leave than is allowed in. A ceramic grill is capable of a temperature range from 150-700+ Degrees F, allowing anything from smoking to searing. Below is a picture inside the grill, the firebox holds the charcoal, and a cast iron firebox divider that is used when cooking less food or cooking indirectly.

Here is a few pictures of what I cooked on Independence Day. There was marinated pork steaks and grilled veggies. The pork is cooking directly over the coals and the veggies are being cooked with the radiant heat from the ceramic walls(top). I did first grill the vegetables over direct heat in a grilling wok(bottom) before putting them in the pyrex dish.

One of the features I love about this grill is that since it is sealed with a gasket, when you are done cooking you just close the bottom and top vents. The fire will go out and the remaining charcoal can be re-used.

I do have to give a shout out and thank Gamble for helping me put the grill in its cart, otherwise I would still have 200 lbs of ceramic in my hatchback.


Funky Utopia said...

Showed Taylor! He says, "That is one sexy grill". He says, "He'll trade you a 1985 Volvo with 367,000 miles for that grill". Whatcha think? Is it a deal??

Jeff Gardner said...

Man, that sound like a hell of a deal, but something about the smell of hickory makes me want to say no.