Saturday, June 20, 2009

Smokin Wood Pellets

Not too long ago I was surfing the web looking for more recipes and grilling gadgets. I stumbled upon a site that sells 14 different flavors of wood pellets for adding flavor to your food. The company is BBQr's Delight, and they use 100% hardwood in all of the pellets. I bought a sampler pack that had 20 single serving packages, some BBQ rub samples and a cast-iron smoker pot to use with the pellets. The advantage of pellets over wood chips is that pellets don't have to be soaked prior to use. I use the pellets in the iron pot when I want a heavy smoke on Pork Shoulder, Brisket, Whole Turkey. Below I have a picture of the volume of smoke from the pot, it usually lasts for a little less than 15 minutes, but adds a really good smoke flavor to your food.

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Zu-Li Designs said...

They make pizza and veggies on the grill taste amazing!!